I want to personally thank Mr. Horton at Friday Night Lights FNL for his work in creating a successful football highlight video for our son. To date, we have received 75 inquiries from both D1 and D2 schools across the country.
We appreciate the effort and professional work that Mr. Horton put into creating a video that was viewed many, many times by several coaches across the country. The response has been overwhelmingly positive! Mr. Horton has a knack for identifying the athlete's skill set and abilities which bring to attention exactly what coaches are looking for. Prior to Mr. Horton's service, we had a handful of schools contact us based on word of mouth, however after receiving his service, the floodgates opened right up!
I'd like to point out that working with Mr. Horton is stress free: he takes the raw high school video footage and produces a professional piece of work. His services are reasonably priced and for a small investment, the return has been amazing! Our son received a football scholarship and his dream of attending college and playing football has just begun! I highly recommend anyone choosing FNL start your Junior year.
Thank you Mr. Horton for your work!


2011 Season

#72 William Jenkins

Class of 2012


  • 1st Team Offense (League)
  • 1st Team Defense (League)
  • Defensive Lineman of the year (runner up)
  • Selected for East West Washington All Star Game
  • Best Blocker Award (team)


I've been playing football in the Seattle youth league since the age of eight. I started as a freshmen at MRHS high school. My sophomore year I made second team offense. In my junior year I have transferred to Kennedy Catholic and couldn't play due to WIAA rules but I have practiced with team all year. I've finished out strong in my senior year.

William Jenkins

13418 So. 25th Pl. 98168 Seatac, WA.
206-755-5364 / 206-246-0449

#72 OL / DL William Jenkins